Associazione Tmc Progetto Musica

…dove musica e passione si fondono insieme in armonia…

TMC Progetto Musica is an association aimed at carrying out the following activities:

a) performing an efficient action in the field of culture
b) promoting Italian music and Italian artists throughout the world
c) promoting cultural exchanges between musicians and/or artists from all over the world
d) organizing or sponsoring various kinds of musical, artistic, cultural and scientific events, and performing any activities connected with its main tasks, such as:
- organizing or sponsoring master’s degrees, internships and training and improvement courses for opera singers, orchestras, musicians and dancers
- organizing or sponsoring contests for singers, musicians and dancers
- reassessing forgotten operas by major and minor authors through a critical review followed by a stage production
- organizing or sponsoring symphonic concerts
- organizing or sponsoring the preparation of operas, operettas and ballets
- creating a journal of the Association aimed at promoting music culture
- setting up a library with the publication of essays for musicians and singers
- publishing a journal of the Association containing news about the world of music
- developing a website providing both a meeting point and an online source of information
- musical editions with the production and recording of CDs and tapes, sheet music, videotapes and DVDs.
- organizing or sponsoring competitions and scholarships aimed at introducing young people to the world of music, dance, poetry, painting, sculpture and theatre.
- setting up a choir and an orchestra of the Association
- setting up a press office to promote the Association’s activities
- organizing or sponsoring various kinds of music events in schools and institutions in order to promote young people’s knowledge of music
- organizing or sponsoring various kinds of music events targeted to elderly people, people with disabilities, non-Eu nationals and other needy categories (orphanages, hospitals, prisons etc.)